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Bot atualizado pw [Perfect world]

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Bot atualizado pw [Perfect world] Empty Bot atualizado pw [Perfect world]

Mensagem por Fly4 em Qua Nov 27, 2013 4:28 pm

Bot atualizado pw [Perfect world]

ZcPWBot v0.21
1)Added AutoRest/buff/stop
2)Increased limit of moblist to 4.
3)Added new status window.
4)Some minor changes
5)Fixed some bug suggested in elitepvpers in v0.21
This uses the v6 my-en pw base address,only can be used in some private servers.

ZcPWBot v0.1

Download: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/
Télécharger: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/
Descargar: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/

* Memory target desired monster
* Select 2 monster,by ID,to kill
* Auto Kill After targeting
* Unfocused botting,bot while minimised

* Run PW>>Log In>>Move to bot spot
* Run ZcPWBot
* Click Settings>>Set auto Skills(MUST start with a skill to engage)>>SAVE
* Click Get Mob ID
* Go in game,find 2 monsters you want to kill repeatively
* Click/Target one of them and press F11
* Select one other monster and press F11
* Press F9 to toggle start and stop

ZcPWBot is a full memory bot and its a trail version,full version will most likely not be release.
Hope this give you an insight of memory botting,this is the 1st memory bot i ever made in 5-6 games.

This is the closes to chinese bots,i dont think they uses the same method as theirs are more advance, they react instantly, returns to a spot when no monster ard.

Bot Runs on MY-EN only,tested on 1024x768 window mode(doesnt matter),on EP and WR.

Auto Revive and return is possible but will not be release.

Hope you enjoy this release,thank me if it helped you.
Sry for those on other servers,try not to beg for bot for them.

Feel Free to post any bugs,there maybe better releases.

Man,what did i do to get myself banned at x-ug,i found this all by myself.I did not steal anyone's work.

Added edited Bot by xrcbobby,AutoPot v1.6 now it can send to minimised pw.

ZcPWBot is programmed in AutoIt v3 by Zevorc.

Download: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/
Télécharger: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/
Descargar: www.eprograms.eu/Perfect_World_Bot/


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